A recharge is part team retreat, part corporate workshop and part personal development. Our goal is to create an experience that not only recharges your people, but helps them perform better, solve problems faster, and deal with challenges. Recharges are team retreats that are productive, impactful and collaborative.


Team Retreats Elevated

Each offsite meeting is customized to your needs and specifications. Our pre-meeting consultations will help us determine your priorities, team activities and workshop topics that will be most impactful for your group.

Recharges are unique, collaborative days that blend fun, facilitated group discussions, and learning new skills into a one of a kind experience that is sure to transform your team.

Recharging is about retreating from your business “as usual”, relearning and rethinking the way you do business and refocusing on what’s important.

Why Recharge?

Recharges are about investing in your people for the long haul. It’s no longer enough to provide them stale, corporate training solutions or team retreats that leave no lasting impact.

Combining the elements of a team retreat with a corporate workshop creates real, lasting change. The best offsite meetings empower people, encourage strategic thinking and problem solving while also offering opportunities to learn, practice and apply new ideas and concepts.

recharge benefits:

Connect & Inspire

At their core, team retreats are about connecting your people to each other and inspiring them for the road ahead.

recharge & Reflect

Get some time away from the office to recharge your batteries, reflect on where you're at with your team. Get out of the office and explore.

learn  & Develop

The best team retreats offer opportunities for growth and development. Give your team the tools they need to succeed.

think & strategize

Team retreats are the perfect opportunity to pause and consider what your goals and strategies are for the next year. 

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team retreat options


Premier Team Retreat Destination

Located just outside Dublin, Ohio we have the perfect location for driving teamwork, collaboration and team cohesion. We are partnered with Retreat21, a retreat destination packed with adventure, modern comfort and back-to-nature experiences.

Surrounded by lush trees and rolling meadows, and outfitted with cozy cabins and elevated essentials for a getaway, Retreat21 is an inspired haven, removed from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Fully Tailored Team Retreat Planning

Our goal is to create moments that make a real impact and difference to your people. We want to transform the way you think and operate, so we don’t do anything “cookie-cutter”. Every experience is customized to your needs and priorities. Leaders can choose from a variety of leadership and development topics, team building activities and outdoor experiences.


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