Cookie Jar Method

What is the Cookie Jar Method? David Goggins has accomplished a lot in his life. Not only has he authored a book: Can’t Hurt Me, he has also:  Completed many ultramarathons  Became both a Navy Seal and an Army Ranger  Lost over 100 pounds in 3 months to join the military  Held the world pull up record  Not to mention … Read More

Start – Stop – Continue – Accelerate Tool

What is SSCA (Start – Stop – Continue – Accelerate)? The SSCA activity is one of the most valuable activities you can perform with your team at a strategic retreat, annual meeting or quarterly review. It is a simple way for teams to reflect strategically on their core processes and categorize their activities into what’s working well, what’s not working … Read More

Unsteady Foundation Worksheet

What is the Unsteady Foundation Worksheet? The unsteady foundation worksheet is a tool to help teams develop trust and psychological safety.  Ultimately, it’s often the problems that we don’t talk about that erode team performance over time. Just like a house built on a poor foundation, a team built without a proper and solid culture will overtime crumble.  Over time … Read More