healthy team ecosystem

Our signature team collaboration and dynamics training course. This is an intensive overview of the 5 critical behaviors all high performance teams share in common and how your team can achieve them.

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Build trust & Transform your culture

An intensive masterclass in how to create a healthy team ecosystem. This program focuses on the core principles that drive an effective and cohesive team. Learn the skills of teamwork, collaboration, and the tactics of high performance team cultures. We’ll teach you the tools and strategies on how to implement them in your organization



Creating a healthy team ecosystem is about helping people build cohesive and effective teams that deliver results. Participants will study the five habits of high performance teams, learn about themselves as individuals and develop a toolbox that increases trust, accountability and ultimately creates a culture that not only gets more done, but creates a dynamic, employee engaged environment. 

Participants will learn:

How to build team cohesion and trust

Strategies for resolving team dysfunction and building team principles

The essential tools to drive accountability while maintaining psychological safety 

The critical habits and interpersonal skills needed to work effectively with each other

Psychological Safety

In a team with high psychological safety, teammates feel safe to take risks around their team members.


Team Accountability

Creating a culture of accountability ensures that tasks are reliably completed and responsibility is embraced.



Team effectiveness relies on a solid bedrock of clarity of purpose, goals and measures of success.


Change Readiness

Being able to adapt and change course is one of the most valuable skills of the modern workforce.


Meaning & Impact

Finding a sense of purpose in either the work itself or the output is important for team effectiveness.




Participants will learn the essential teamwork skills needed to succeed in today’s ever-changing workplace. These skills not only increase team effectiveness, they will build trust and team cohesiveness. Once the team is connected, we align them behind a strong sense of purpose and impact to get them all pointed in the same direction.


Without a strong team culture, employees won’t be able to fully engaged with their mission, vision or purpose. Our team development training creates an ecosystem of shared principles that will create a foundation for any team. By creating the right conditions, leaders and organizations can create team culture that allows people to thrive.


Happier employees are more productive – by focusing on trust, conflict alignment and being proactive your team will be ready to face the challenges of a modern, super-fluid workplace. While at the same time, getting new found insights and tactics that can be applied to their personal life.


What You’ll Learn

Learn the 5 habits of healthy teams. We combine topics from psychology, best practices, and case studies to create a comprehensive set of skills to manage your teamwork and team effectiveness.

Why It’s Important

More than ever, team cohesion is one of the few ways you can set your team apart. Without a strong team culture and driving purpose, organizations struggle to drive employee engagement and achieve real, lasting impact.

How it will help you

These teamwork skills help create an ecosystem of productivity and effectiveness. Instead of demanding more and more results, we look at how teams’ can create the conditions needed to flourish. The end result is that an effective team culture is a force multiplier to decision making, collaboration and business speed.

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