wellness & resilience

Tap into the human potential of your organization. Give your people the tools they need to move from surviving to thriving. True performance is driven from a strong foundation of wellness and resilience.

Wellness & Resilience Training

We describe wellness & resilience as the power to do and the quality of what we do. It’s how we show up in the world and make an impact.

In most organizations today, burnout, unhappiness, and disengagement are on the rise. Great companies have the opportunity to move against this recession and gain a powerful advantage. Modern, human-centric organizations investing in energy and performance optimization, cultivate environments where employees engage, flourish and make real impact.

Experiential Training

We focus on training filled with deep discussions, hands-on experiences and expert guest presenters. We create specific moments that are designed to capture attention and increase retention. Increasing fun, play, and memorable moments strengthens and deepens the learning process, meaning you will walk away with more actionable knowledge. We use Accelerators to keep the momentum going through follow up training that reinforces learning and action.


  • Direction & purpose
  • Energy management
  • Resilience & mindfulness
  • Habits & rituals

Individual Courses: 



An immersive training designed to elevate performance and fully energize people. We help people manage energy and stress to increase performance, resilience and engagement. Learn how to build a powerful foundation of energy that fuels high performance .

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Find the most critical ways to make meaningful change at work and in the world. By having a sense of purpose and the ability to cultivate their own happiness, participants will be more equipped to adapt and overcome.

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Resilience & Grit

Our resilience training provides actionable strategies, tactics and tools that can be applied in everyday life to strengthen a team’s ability to overcome adversity, deal with challenges, and thrive under stress.

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