Change Management Training

Learn how to dramatically improve your ability to lead change initiatives and drive organizational transformation.

Change is inevitable and necessary for innovation and growth. In order to effectively implement change, we need a deep understanding of the technical skills + the psychology behind change. Change Management Training equips change agents and leaders to successfully facilitate and lead lasting change with and through people.





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Participants will gain a deep understanding of what it takes to implement successful and lasting change. Through the Change Management Training, participants will be able to:

  • Identify change efforts
  • Understand the psychological journey of change
  • Confidently engage the right people, the right way
  • Manage the change
  • Make change last


This workshops is perfect for anyone leading change in an organization or people who want to help lead others through large changes. We'll cover the technical side of change management as well as the human side. 

Actionable learning

We know that information does not equal transformation. We focus on real, tangible tools and techniques you can use immediately. 


Workshops designed to be anything but boring. Part inspiration, part education – blended to create experiences and moments that actually stick.

additional resources

Get access to our knowledge base of additional tools, articles and information.

You will emerge from this workshop armed with the knowledge, tools, skills, and mindsets you need to create and sustain positive change.

learn crucial change management skills

Change is hard. Many leaders and people although well intentioned don't think about the psychological impact of change, how best to influence people or gain buy in.

This one day Change Management workshop will help you become a stronger and more confident change leader. We'll cover the knowledge, techniques and skills you need to help lead change or manage change throughout your team.

Leading and managing change is about providing people with a purpose, tactics for overcoming resistance and creating a foundation that makes it easy to adopt the change.

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Change Management Foundations

  1. Change Introduction: Defining change and establishing the types of change.
  2. Class Change Curve: Understand the psychological aspects of a change journey.
  3. Creating a Vision: Learn the 5 key elements in developing an effective vision for change.
  4. Developing a Sense of Urgency: Apply techniques to spark interest and gain momentum.

Engaging the Right People, the Right Way

  1. Appeal to the Audience: Enhance support and engagement by understanding what motivates different personality types.
  2. Stakeholder Analysis and Diagnostics: Gain a deep understanding of key individuals and or groups involved in change.
  3. Communication Strategy: Learn how to create an effective communication plan.
  4. Identify and Overcome Resistance: Gain confidence in identifying and managing resistance to change.

Managing and Sustaining Change

  1. Education and Training: Gain a new understanding of roles and responsibilities, tools and skills, and deployment of knowledge.
  2. Integrating Change into Culture: Acquire the knowledge to sustain change.