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what we do

We deliver tailored training programs designed for development-focused organizations to build and sustain a culture of high performance and peak impact. Leveraging behavior change science and experiential learning, we help organizations develop people, build high performing teams and cultivate future-minded leaders.

Recharging the way you work is about rethinking the way you operate, reshaping how your people grow and giving people the skills and mindsets they need to thrive in a fast-paced, ever changing environment.

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our focus areas:

leadership Development

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high performance teams

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wellness & resilience

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lean & Change management

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recharges (team retreats)

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performance excellence

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Our secret: the science of behavior change.

We don't just teach you skills, we transform the way you think, feel and act. Training is not enough to create great leaders - we need to learn the mindsets, methods and motivations that drive each of us.

Based in Neuroscience

Neuroscience backed methods to rewire the way you think. 

Habit Formation

Modern integration with the science of how habits are formed.


Create meaningful, purposeful rituals to fuel your growth. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Best practices from CBT and how to use it to grow as a leader. 

Permanent Change

No more one and done, quick fix trainings. 


Each participant receives coaching and a personal playbook.

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the benefits

Sustainable, quantifiable change

We know that information does not equal transformation. Using best practices from neuroscience, habit formation and behavior change we backup traditional methods of learning with nudges, rituals and playbooks so that each individual has a real-time game plan of new behaviors and personal experiments.

Unlock hidden potential

Give everyone on your team personalized tactics and strategies that work for them and their specific situation. By focusing on actual behaviors, employees are 2.4x more likely to take action on items they learned during class. 

develop high performance teams and leaders

Focused around three key performance areas (energy, leadership and collaboration), the benefits of Performance Architecture include: increased levels of happiness, fulfillment, flow, resilience, health, autonomy,  commitment, fun, innovation, and productivity. The ultimate mission of RechargeWork and Performance Architecture is to help people get more shit done, feel better doing it and become the type of people others want to work with and be led by. 



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percent of people like playing with RC cars, nerf guns and trivia games.

our approach

workshops reinvented

Workshops designed to be anything but boring. Part inspiration, part education – blended to create experiences and moments that actually stick.

burst training

Are you seeking a more flexible training experience? We take our standard training curriculum and deliver it through a series of smaller bursts, tailored to meet your team’s unique needs.

experiential learning

We toss out the old model of death by PowerPoint. We focus on hands-on, experiential learning that allows participants to connect ideas.

robust experience

We’ve built a diverse network of talented coaches, trainers and experts. Bringing together the best of the best from different industries and areas of expertise.

specifically tailored

Anything but cookie-cutter. Each workshop is specifically tailored to meet the challenges and opportunities of your team.


We move past theory and focus on real, actionable change. Each training is dedicated to expanding your team's toolbox.

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